Scales of Where are we?

Rescue Me!

Evening falls and the party are requested to guard one of the bridges leading into town from where the humanoid incursion was coming from. After a quiet night watching a bridge and the arcane one fall asleep. The group were invited back to the council chambers for an interview with a councillor, Offram Troyas (half-elven, shady character with aspirations of dominating the town through commerce and political manoeuvering.

The party swung between diplomatic discussion and outright threat to come to the following arrangement:

  1. recover some kinapped commoners from the humanoids (about 7 of them);
  2. deal with the threat of the humanoids
  3. come back and help themselves to trade goods from Offram so we can sell them back at high prices. (Deal ended at 100gp and 150gp of trade goods)
  4. they aslo managed to have Offram furnish them with a hearty breakfast. To which Dannard invited several of the town guards. (A fine breaking of the fast was had at the Red Boar Inn, tallying up to 9gp 6sp and 8cp for Offram’s tab, which caused some merryment in town for days.)

The group are informed that there was a humanoid captured in the local battle and was available for interview, they decided to await until after a good meal. They were reminded (somewhere, and several times…) that the preference was to leave it alive and to ask nicely (well… not kill it.).

After a bit of friendly discussion and a request to the guards to look the other way. Dannad and Dross managed to extract the right information out of it and promise that they would come back looking for it if it didn’t turn out to be true.

As they left the goblin, Gruss meets them in the town square. “Are there ye be. I have come to give a small token of my gratitude for the help last night. Between the barrels you saved and the till, I can re-start the business. Although it will only be a bar for a while while the full structure is re built.”.

At that he hands Florin a cask, and states “you’se be always welcome.”. Florin lights up at the thought of a cask of drink. Only to be mocked by the group as it is reveiled that this cask is full of pickled herring.

The party rested and set out in the morning. After about 10 hours of travel and several bugs later the intrepid group happened upon an old crypt stuffed full of humanoids…



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