Scales of Where are we?

It's a BBQ

After dealing with the hordes of horrible humanoids hurtling hurriedly though the (h)opening in the (h)inn. The group set about assisting the commoners to try and stop their bar/town from burning to the ground. They showed no inclination to rest as they martialled buckets and people into throwing water on the fire and in all likelihood, putting the fire out somewhat. Alas! They didn’t notice the sounds of explosions and the spontaneous eruption of fire coming from other places in town.

Sure enough as they were hitting their pail inspired stride, an wagon carrying explosive wielding Hobgoblins being pulled by an Ogre emerged from an alleyway near where the tavern was steadily burning to the ground escorted by 4 Goblins. A melee ensued.

After no planning and consultation on what to do next, Dross, Kae-Largo and Dannad vaulted into battle. Dross and Kae-Largo taking on the Ogre and Dannad vaulting into the wagon to confront the Hobgoblins about lobbing casks filled with roofing pitch, this cask is flammable enough to make a primitive bombs that started fires. The negotiation with swords began. Hannath and Tern used their advantages (i.e. lobbing either arcane mysteries or spiteful words) to harry and harm occupants in and around the wagon. Florian burst out of the conga line of water buckets and headed around the back in a sprint to try and gain some advantage. The Hobgoblins and Ogre, somewhat surprised that something would actually try and hurt them, lay about with swords and club, injuring Kae-Largo and narrowly missing Dannad.

In a fortunate turn of events, Dannad noticed that one of the barrels that the hobgoblins were lobbing around had split beneath his feet. While his erstwhile companions were struggling with the Ogre, he nimbly stuck his short sword in the side of the wagon, in one movement, picked up the barrel and sprayed the contents over one of the hobgoblins, who was also carrying a torch. From a burst of speed that even surprised Dannad he vaulted out of the wagon collecting his sword on the way through. The Hobgoblins and wagon caught alight immediately in a firey malestorm. Dross made sure that they couldn’t escape the wagon on his side, Kae-Largo kept the Ogre occupied and Tern and Hannath kept harrying the foes from a distance. By this time Florian managed to get to a position where he could start a fray with two goblins, that suddenly decided that being near the wagon wasn’t such a good idea at this time.

The fire spread, inflicting terrible burns on the wagon occupants and the Ogre pulling the wagon. It struggled to release itself from the harness, especially while Dross and Kae-Largo where trying to distract it with savage blows from their sword and axe. Florian dealt with one of the goblins and played tag with the other. One hobgoblin managed to escape the wagon and to which Dannad kept him from escaping.

The fire and party proved too much for the invaders, and the group resumed putting out the fires conjoling the commoners to put more effort into the fire quenching.

Gruss happened to spot the rescued till sprouting form a hastily closed back pack and was able to congratulate the party for saving the takings in frount of the town guard.

(more soon on the meeting with the town councilor)



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