Scales of Where are we?


The potty mouthed Dwarf calmed down enough to give some instructions on where the next group of things were likely to be (alright… and the victims we needed to rescue). Went through another one of the doors with a famous name linked to dark unspeakable evil, this time came across another three hobgoblins and some more of the little fellas with xbows. Dross turned to make plans with the others, gave Dannad a chance to run off and take on the bigger ones without the big lug in the way. Brilliant. Others followed suit and started chucking various effects. Noticed down a passageway leading out of the room that there were some more of these xbow wielding goblins and some pit traps with ropes, just for entertainment. Yep, the goblins were on the other side.

The chase was on… Moved through the hobgoblins and stabbed a couple for good measure. Dross finally caught up and took on the stunned hobgoblins. Even helped him by throwing one of them back into the pack, so he didn’t have to run that far to catch up. Hannath, Kee-finder and Tern all chipped in, harrassing and distracting the hobgoblins enough so they could be put down. One of the cheeky sods even had magic! Dross soon set that one right. Dannad, uninhabited by the ensueing fight behind him, barreled down the corridor, swinging like the proverbial Tarzan across the pits after the fleeing goblins. He caught up with two of them, delayed them until Dross could catch up and then took off after the ones that had continued down the corridor.

On moving around the corner, Dannad discovered that there were more hobgoblins and launched into the fray. After a few savage moments and making sure that no more could escape, the combined efforts of the group brought them down.

Working back down the corridor, the group encountered a large tapestry of a castle in a swamp. While Hannath was observing the curtain, something oozy crawled out the cloth and wanted to give Hannath a hug. Tricky sod this one, kept dividing when it was hit a few times. Fortunately it eventually became too many pieces, unfortunately some ghostly like things turned up to drain our life away. Took a bit of effort but finally managed to get through it all.



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