Scales of Where are we?

Enter the crypt

It was a dim dark crypt that called the intrepid party forward. Down below in some entry hall a couple of hobgoblins decided to wait for us to slay them savagely until dead. A couple of goblins with xbows turned up, bummer that, especially when one of the little sods sparked off some trap that meant two braziers tried to burn anything entering the doors. Glad Kee-sign thought about how to stop it.

There were names on the entrances to the tombs that sounded important, was too busy looking through pockets for loose change to notice.

Like every good party we went right to the point, in this case literally to the right, down a corridor and into a funny room with some runes on the floor, some swarms and some funny little man (this coming from a halfling, heh) that turned invisible and tried to stab us. Not that much fun. Was going reasonably well, Dross playing tag with one of the swarms, Dannad and Florian playing with the other. Eventually Tern got fed up with it, formed mists of disarray around the swarm and led it into the runes. Spectacular font of furious flame there. Eventually tracked down the funny little man with a dagger and stopped him from perforating the squishies.

Pushed onwards through to a new room, came across a Dwarf with a potty mouth. Tried to convince the others he was just dead weight, took him anyway. No one listens to halflings anymore. Found we were in a dead end so went back to the first room and started again.



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