Scales of Where are we?


The potty mouthed Dwarf calmed down enough to give some instructions on where the next group of things were likely to be (alright… and the victims we needed to rescue). Went through another one of the doors with a famous name linked to dark unspeakable evil, this time came across another three hobgoblins and some more of the little fellas with xbows. Dross turned to make plans with the others, gave Dannad a chance to run off and take on the bigger ones without the big lug in the way. Brilliant. Others followed suit and started chucking various effects. Noticed down a passageway leading out of the room that there were some more of these xbow wielding goblins and some pit traps with ropes, just for entertainment. Yep, the goblins were on the other side.

The chase was on… Moved through the hobgoblins and stabbed a couple for good measure. Dross finally caught up and took on the stunned hobgoblins. Even helped him by throwing one of them back into the pack, so he didn’t have to run that far to catch up. Hannath, Kee-finder and Tern all chipped in, harrassing and distracting the hobgoblins enough so they could be put down. One of the cheeky sods even had magic! Dross soon set that one right. Dannad, uninhabited by the ensueing fight behind him, barreled down the corridor, swinging like the proverbial Tarzan across the pits after the fleeing goblins. He caught up with two of them, delayed them until Dross could catch up and then took off after the ones that had continued down the corridor.

On moving around the corner, Dannad discovered that there were more hobgoblins and launched into the fray. After a few savage moments and making sure that no more could escape, the combined efforts of the group brought them down.

Working back down the corridor, the group encountered a large tapestry of a castle in a swamp. While Hannath was observing the curtain, something oozy crawled out the cloth and wanted to give Hannath a hug. Tricky sod this one, kept dividing when it was hit a few times. Fortunately it eventually became too many pieces, unfortunately some ghostly like things turned up to drain our life away. Took a bit of effort but finally managed to get through it all.

Enter the crypt

It was a dim dark crypt that called the intrepid party forward. Down below in some entry hall a couple of hobgoblins decided to wait for us to slay them savagely until dead. A couple of goblins with xbows turned up, bummer that, especially when one of the little sods sparked off some trap that meant two braziers tried to burn anything entering the doors. Glad Kee-sign thought about how to stop it.

There were names on the entrances to the tombs that sounded important, was too busy looking through pockets for loose change to notice.

Like every good party we went right to the point, in this case literally to the right, down a corridor and into a funny room with some runes on the floor, some swarms and some funny little man (this coming from a halfling, heh) that turned invisible and tried to stab us. Not that much fun. Was going reasonably well, Dross playing tag with one of the swarms, Dannad and Florian playing with the other. Eventually Tern got fed up with it, formed mists of disarray around the swarm and led it into the runes. Spectacular font of furious flame there. Eventually tracked down the funny little man with a dagger and stopped him from perforating the squishies.

Pushed onwards through to a new room, came across a Dwarf with a potty mouth. Tried to convince the others he was just dead weight, took him anyway. No one listens to halflings anymore. Found we were in a dead end so went back to the first room and started again.

Rescue Me!

Evening falls and the party are requested to guard one of the bridges leading into town from where the humanoid incursion was coming from. After a quiet night watching a bridge and the arcane one fall asleep. The group were invited back to the council chambers for an interview with a councillor, Offram Troyas (half-elven, shady character with aspirations of dominating the town through commerce and political manoeuvering.

The party swung between diplomatic discussion and outright threat to come to the following arrangement:

  1. recover some kinapped commoners from the humanoids (about 7 of them);
  2. deal with the threat of the humanoids
  3. come back and help themselves to trade goods from Offram so we can sell them back at high prices. (Deal ended at 100gp and 150gp of trade goods)
  4. they aslo managed to have Offram furnish them with a hearty breakfast. To which Dannard invited several of the town guards. (A fine breaking of the fast was had at the Red Boar Inn, tallying up to 9gp 6sp and 8cp for Offram’s tab, which caused some merryment in town for days.)

The group are informed that there was a humanoid captured in the local battle and was available for interview, they decided to await until after a good meal. They were reminded (somewhere, and several times…) that the preference was to leave it alive and to ask nicely (well… not kill it.).

After a bit of friendly discussion and a request to the guards to look the other way. Dannad and Dross managed to extract the right information out of it and promise that they would come back looking for it if it didn’t turn out to be true.

As they left the goblin, Gruss meets them in the town square. “Are there ye be. I have come to give a small token of my gratitude for the help last night. Between the barrels you saved and the till, I can re-start the business. Although it will only be a bar for a while while the full structure is re built.”.

At that he hands Florin a cask, and states “you’se be always welcome.”. Florin lights up at the thought of a cask of drink. Only to be mocked by the group as it is reveiled that this cask is full of pickled herring.

The party rested and set out in the morning. After about 10 hours of travel and several bugs later the intrepid group happened upon an old crypt stuffed full of humanoids…

It's a BBQ

After dealing with the hordes of horrible humanoids hurtling hurriedly though the (h)opening in the (h)inn. The group set about assisting the commoners to try and stop their bar/town from burning to the ground. They showed no inclination to rest as they martialled buckets and people into throwing water on the fire and in all likelihood, putting the fire out somewhat. Alas! They didn’t notice the sounds of explosions and the spontaneous eruption of fire coming from other places in town.

Sure enough as they were hitting their pail inspired stride, an wagon carrying explosive wielding Hobgoblins being pulled by an Ogre emerged from an alleyway near where the tavern was steadily burning to the ground escorted by 4 Goblins. A melee ensued.

After no planning and consultation on what to do next, Dross, Kae-Largo and Dannad vaulted into battle. Dross and Kae-Largo taking on the Ogre and Dannad vaulting into the wagon to confront the Hobgoblins about lobbing casks filled with roofing pitch, this cask is flammable enough to make a primitive bombs that started fires. The negotiation with swords began. Hannath and Tern used their advantages (i.e. lobbing either arcane mysteries or spiteful words) to harry and harm occupants in and around the wagon. Florian burst out of the conga line of water buckets and headed around the back in a sprint to try and gain some advantage. The Hobgoblins and Ogre, somewhat surprised that something would actually try and hurt them, lay about with swords and club, injuring Kae-Largo and narrowly missing Dannad.

In a fortunate turn of events, Dannad noticed that one of the barrels that the hobgoblins were lobbing around had split beneath his feet. While his erstwhile companions were struggling with the Ogre, he nimbly stuck his short sword in the side of the wagon, in one movement, picked up the barrel and sprayed the contents over one of the hobgoblins, who was also carrying a torch. From a burst of speed that even surprised Dannad he vaulted out of the wagon collecting his sword on the way through. The Hobgoblins and wagon caught alight immediately in a firey malestorm. Dross made sure that they couldn’t escape the wagon on his side, Kae-Largo kept the Ogre occupied and Tern and Hannath kept harrying the foes from a distance. By this time Florian managed to get to a position where he could start a fray with two goblins, that suddenly decided that being near the wagon wasn’t such a good idea at this time.

The fire spread, inflicting terrible burns on the wagon occupants and the Ogre pulling the wagon. It struggled to release itself from the harness, especially while Dross and Kae-Largo where trying to distract it with savage blows from their sword and axe. Florian dealt with one of the goblins and played tag with the other. One hobgoblin managed to escape the wagon and to which Dannad kept him from escaping.

The fire and party proved too much for the invaders, and the group resumed putting out the fires conjoling the commoners to put more effort into the fire quenching.

Gruss happened to spot the rescued till sprouting form a hastily closed back pack and was able to congratulate the party for saving the takings in frount of the town guard.

(more soon on the meeting with the town councilor)

So it starts

In a bar. Not any particular bar, but the Antler and Thistle in Dagger Falls. The town is home to a mixture of people, elves, halflings, dwarves and other odds and sorts. Tales of Orc infestations and rumours of war abound through the township. Focus now on a small group of hopeful adventurers, a rag tag mix of races looking for their fortune and perhaps avoiding their past in a town on the edge.

They sip quietly, asking for more ale from Adele the bar wench er… maid, sorry. And in some cases for more than just ale, perhaps a chance to sit and talk about the weather or some such (ahem… G rated program here). As they scan the others in the bar they notice a number of likely lads looking for lovely er… largess(?), a group playing for big gold in the opposite corner and the barman ( Gruss ) nursing a pitcher and a rag. The fire burns merrily in the center of the inn.

The quiet is broken harshly by a group of humanoids bursting through, quite literally, the front door. Screaming and yelling, throwing pitch covered torches into what was a fairly genial evening. Chaos broke out in all its forms: anarchy, blood and citizens running everywhere in blind panic. The group, paused, finished their ale and decided on what they wanted to do next.

Let me introduce the group. No obvious leader as such but I’ll start in the order that comes to mind:
Dannad Fairbread – Halfling with paired short swords
Tern – Quiet Halfling with barely controlled arcane powers
Dross – Half-Orc (and half human) Barbarian from the North
Florian – Non-descript Human swordmage
Kae-Annan – Genasi Swordmage
Hannth – Gnome Bard

The first party of hobgoblins and goblin preceede another group of hobgoblins and goblin. The Hobgoblins seem to be under the command of the pitch torch wielding goblins and were screaming such things and “For Sinrath the Hand” and “get the banner”.

The party after reflecting on the quality of the ale decided to act. Dross bellowed a barbarian war cry and charged into the fray. Dannad deftly stabbed two, moved them out of the way and sauntered through the gap. Florian called for the barmaid to seek refuge in his lap and Kae-Annan darted in to attack particular foes. Tern attempted to barbeque some of the hapless humanoids and groaned painfully as Dannad promised to keep her from harm. Hannath called one of the hobgoblins foul things in an attempt to rattle it and cause it psychic harm.

Four more hobgoblins and another arsonist goblin passed through the front door, assisting their companions to skewer some of the hapless inhabitants of the inn. Dannad and Dross made their way further into the fray before lashing out on all sides with powerful cleaving strokes and with bristling defensive moves designed to keep their foes off guard. Florian, disappointed at the lack of favourable attention from the only human talent in the room. Cursed the heritage of the humanoids and set about his defence of the till in the front counter by leaping onto it and preparing himself for imminant assaults on the banner. Kae-Annan set about further injuring a hobgoblin or two. Tern moved to shaping bolts of chaos at some of the humanoids with Hannath either yelling support or using his wicked tongue to hamper his opponents further.

The hobgoblins and inn-habitants (boom, boom) started falling like 9-pins in a speakeasy. Three fires burnt merrily in the background. Some of the more brave townsfolk ran out the back of the inn to the safety of the well, the barman even returning to drop a bucket helpfully on the floor beside the first and largest fire.

In the defence of the attackers, one did actually make it to the banner. Unfortunately he caught alight and was be-dazzled by the arcane wielding halfling. Eventually though all humanoids stopped wiggling and some of the skewered humans were only resting on the floor, so the party reluctantly carried them out of the burning building. Florian was last seen rescuing several casks and a keg from the back room. Kae-Annan was last seen rescuing the till. The fire burns into the evening with the party helping and going through the humanoids pockets looking for loose change.

Scales of Where are we?
Where are we? The start

The DaggerDale adventures log.

After looking into a nice easy story line and digging out a location. we are now in DaggerDale.

OK, I picked SoW – Scales Of War – since it looks easy to DM, and there is a lot of information floating around on the web to flesh it out and deal with some oddities in the modules.

Add to that that Loudwater and the Dale fit loverly… or course we jumped locations…

So I’ll add my odd bits here to keep them from getting lost in the other story lines.

Let the fun begin!

“As you settle in drinking at the Tavern…”


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